Step by Step

Hi. This blog is about nothing and everything. I'll post things I like and I'll reblog pretty things. And as a complex human being (is that redundant?), that can include a wide variety of things.

But... I'm huge TV fan. So who am I kidding? 80% of my blog is about TV shows. Ok, make it 90%.

My current obsessions include but are not limited to:

- Castle
- Homeland
- The Walking Dead
- The Americans



Nathan said he knows that Castle fans get mad when he talks about Firefly? I don’t think that’s fair because if he just mentioned the show it’d be fine. It’s the context in which he talks about Firefly compared to Castle that matters. It just bothers me how he talks about Castle even as far as saying it’s strawberry ice cream that he just settles for when he’ll always want chocolate which is Firefly. Even if he didn’t mean it as an offense, he has to know how this must feel to some Castle fans.

If he knows that it bothers Castle fans when he constantly says how much more he loves Firefly than Castle then why does he continue to do it? Does he not care how it makes Castle fans feel? It wouldn’t bother me as much if he talked about Castle the way he does about Firefly a little more. I feel like he talks about Castle because he has to and about Firefly because he wants to.